AirTRx Airborne Satcom Systems - Orbit Communication Systems

AirTRx™- Commercial

Optimized Solutions for Airborne Platforms

The innovative AirTRx family of airborne satcom systems enables reliable, high-speed connectivity across a range of civil and governmental airborne platforms.

Serving the growing regional and global coverage needs of airlines, government agencies and fleet operators, AirTRx supports Ku and Ka frequency bands. Through outstanding RF and tracking performance under the most challenging conditions, it meets the broadband needs of mission aircraft, commercial and business jets, as well as helicopters.

AirTRx Solutions

25 cm to 60 cm circular antenna terminals supporting Ku or Ka frequency bands


28 cm-high elliptical antenna terminals available in Ku, Ka and wideband Ka configurations

Key Features

  • Multiband support
  • Optimized Size Weight and Power (SWaP)
  • Stabilization using various types of aircraft INS
  • Signal RF tracking with either built-in receiver or third-party RSSI source
  • Redundant communication ports supporting Ethernet/Serial/ARINC429 interfaces
  • Continuous cable-less polarization compensation for Ku-band
  • Low to negligible BUC-to-Antenna Insertion Loss
  • RTCA DO160 F/G certification