Quality Management System at Orbit

Quality Management System (QMS)

Orbit’s commitment to quality

Orbit is committed to developing, manufacturing, delivering and servicing the highest quality products and solutions to its customers. Our quality culture, strong engineering abilities, creativity and highly motivated employees have earned recognition from leading organizations worldwide. We are committed to continual quality improvement, and apply this approach to customer expectations and regulatory requirements. Reflecting this customer-centric approach,Orbit’s QMS is built in three layers, where each layer acts as the foundation for the subsequent layers.


  • 1st Layer – International standard for Quality Management System – ISO 9001
  • 2nd Layer – International standard for Quality Management System for aviation, space and defense organizations – AS 9100
  • 3rd Layer – Regulated by FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) and/or CAAI (Civil Aviation Administration Israel) for Orbit’s airborne applications where applicable

QMS principles

  • Customer satisfaction is our highest priority, achieved by delivering products and services that meet or exceed customer requirements and expectations
  • Prevention management approach to quality ensures that product manufacturing and service delivery meet business requirements
  • Quality-driven business processes make certain that all business activities and employees are guided by ORBIT’s quality approach
  • Continual improvement through all processes and systems
  • Sustained success by adhering to the QMS approach in all company activities

Quality certificates

  • ISO 9001:2015
  • AS9100D 
  • FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) Repair Station and CAAI (Civil Aviation Administration of Israel) for Production/Inspection of Airborne Equipment
  • APA (Aeronautical Product Approval)
  • TSO (Technical Specification Order)
  • Airworthiness Approval Tags (8130-3)