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Train operators have recently begun to introduce various broadband services to enable passengers to stay connected while riding to work or traveling on vacation.

These include Internet connectivity and entertainment services for passengers, as well as operational control and security applications for personnel.
To support these applications, train operators require continuous broadband connectivity along the entire rail route. However, as these routes often pass through sparsely populated regions, cellular network coverage and WiFi availability can be spotty (at best). In addition, due to topology and rugged terrain, it is often simply not economical to build land-based communication infrastructures (e.g., cellular towers, fiber or copper).
So the real communication challenge for trains is to provide uninterrupted connectivity independent of the terrestrial infrastructure. The most cost-effective and often the only feasible solution for broadband connectivity on the move is satellite communication.

ORBIT’s “SatCom on the Move” Solution for High-Speed Trains

ORBIT offers mobile VSAT solutions that ensure continuous broadband communications for high-speed trains.

To support the high data rates required for broadband, high frequency bands (Ku/Ka) are used to minimize space segment costs and reduce operational expenses.
Satellite communication on the Move (SOTM) meets these technological challenges and delivers continuous coverage in any environmental condition. SatCom is also a cost effective and quick-to-deploy alternative when other means of communication are not available.

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Key Advantages

  • Cost-effective and easy to deploy
  • No dependency on terrestrial infrastructure
  • Specializes in “Communication on the move” technology
  • Rugged, high performance solutions for any weather condition or physical environment
  • Compliant with applicable ITU, ETSI and FCC regulations
  • Compliant with EN 50155 train standard

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