UAV Radio Gateway - Orbit

UAV Radio Gateway

Civil Aviation authorities typically require aircraft flying in civil airspace to communicate over Air Traffic Control (ATC) radio frequencies using onboard radio transceivers.

Orbit’s Radio Gateway solution for UAVs enables access to airborne radios using the aircraft’s datalink. Whether via a LOS or satellite datalink (BLOS), our solution enables UAV ground operators to access airborne radios to communicate with ATC as required. The gateway is powered by an industry-leading avionics unit installed on the UAV and in the Ground Control Station. The avionics unit includes the interfaces and required connectivity for voice transmission/reception from the UAV operator to/from the radios aboard the UAV via its datalink.

Key Features


  • Reduced cost of ownership due to identical units in the air and on the ground
  • Civil certifications: DO-178B and DO-254 DAL D
  • Environmental qualifications: DO-160G and MIL-STD

Avionics Unit

  • Voice communication from the UAV operator to radios aboard the UAV via the aircraft’s datalink, with optional redundancy
  • Remote-control operation of airborne radios
  • Ethernet/IP digital interface
  • Streaming audio via a VoIP interface
  • Support for clear and secure modes of communication
  • Support for backup mode via Iridium in case of datalink failure