Admiring our Handiwork - Orion AMS - Orbit

Admiring our Handiwork – Orion AMS


August 23, 2019 – During industry tradeshows we are regularly approached by representatives from our trusted and talented suppliers, often proud to point out a component or part incorporated in one of our displayed systems. We share the same enthusiasm and sense of accomplishment when we spot one of our systems at a show, whether a tracking antenna promoted by a customer, or one of our breakthrough Orion airborne audio management systems (AMS) in a cockpit mock-up or in an airshow aircraft.

AMS systems are essential in all aircraft, permitting clear and reliable communications with traffic control and other aircraft through a variety of radios. Over 3500 Orbit AMS systems have been deployed globally, on just about anything that flys – jet fighters, mission aircraft, helicopters, commercial jets, and even UAVs. The grown-up video game wizards remotely piloting UAVs may need to communicate with commercial aircraft and airports, and the Orbit AMS, often coupled with one of Orbit’s airborne satcom systems, enables this essential capability.

MC-21 cockpit photo by

At the recent MAKS 2019 airshow we spotted our Orion AMS neatly installed in the cockpit of the new MC-21 airliner. Modern aircraft increasingly incorporate ‘glass cockpits’ — multi-functional touchscreens like the Tesla — but given the crucial role of AMS in safety and operations, many pilots prefer their AMS close at hand (as seen on the console between the pilots), and in this case the Orion is configured with ‘traditional’ selector and volume knobs.

Whether in military or civilian aircraft our customer pilots appreciate our knobs, but they are effusive about our innovative 3D audio. Hearing is believing, and we invite you to ‘test fly’ our 3D audio via our online demo or at tradeshows.