Making a Difference Close to Home - Orbit

Making a Difference Close to Home


June 16, 2019 – Corporate Social Responsibility has become a popular catch phrase. While some organizations choose to donate and others develop meaningful programs, companies like Orbit try to find new ways to express decades-old values and actions.  We are proud that our industry, in particular, has had a long tradition of changing lives, making a difference and giving back to the community. Following a natural disaster, competitors join together to restore critical communications links, just as they collaborate to restore customer networks following satellite failures.

Orbit systems, like our Gaia ground stations, relay lifesaving search and rescue data, while our OceanTRx earth stations are being used by service providers to restore communications in hard-hit areas (most recently, following the earthquake in Papua, New Guinea).

We like to give back in other ways – by mentoring interns, developing engineering talent and working with innovative new suppliers to help give them a sound early footing. Now entering our third generation in the industry, Orbit and its alumni continue to promote these values and make a difference.

While lending a hand and making a difference is long a source of pride, hands-on engagement with our local communities is a satisfying and meaningful way to give back, while serving as an enduring lesson for our next generation. Staff in our headquarters, US facilities, and remote offices, individually or in small teams, contribute and support local initiatives, but each year we all roll up our sleeves and collectively help out a needy organization.

This week we organized a work day at a youth village near Netanya. The facility serves as a middle- and high-school, but also brings together and nurtures a diverse group of largely new immigrant children and young people. Adapting to the ways of a new land and learning a new language, on top of just getting through the trying teenage years, is equally hard whether you just arrived from Russia, France or Ethiopia.

In the words of Principal Noam Sasi, the TOM Youth Village accomplishes this with “Lots of Love”, but it also needs to maintain a range of facilities and the dormitories. (Those of you with teenagers will relate to the level of wear and tear they inflict on their rooms!) The Orbit team gathered for a day of scrubbing, patching, painting and assembling new furniture – transforming the dormitory and leaving it not just with fresh new rooms, but also showing the 48 students the value of teamwork, friendship and sensitivity to the broader community.