ADAMS - Orbit Communication Systems


Airborne Audio Management System

ADAMS is a secure Airborne Digital Audio Management System (ADAMS)ADAMS is a secure Airborne Digital Audio Management System (ADAMS) designed to meet specific needs of advanced large crew aircraft such as commercial airliners, transportation, tanker and mission applications.

The ADAMS is a fully digital (audio and control), secure, audio management system that integrates the routing and distribution of audio and data between various crew members including maintenance personnel, technicians and the host aircraft communication data and recording systems. ADAMS supports up to 20 full capabilities users, 8 intercom only users, 16 radios and 31 receivers, 6 recording outputs, discrete and an internal intercom network.

Based on a modular, high-performance, open design, ADAMS is a COTS (Commercial-Off-The-Shelf) system, adaptable to all sorts of airborne applications (large to small platforms) and provides a complete interface as well as an advanced DSP-based voice, providing crisp and clear audio communication.

Key Features

  • Extended Built-In-Test mode
  • Unlimited number of private intercom nets
  • Night Vision Goggles (NVG) compatible (optional)
  • VOX capabilities
  • Emergency & Backup modes
  • Individual volume control
  • Communication plan programming
  • Digital recording (E1/T1 Line)
  • Interface to digital radio
  • External Crypto equipment support (optional)
  •  Wireless headset (optional)
  •  Radio relay & switching
  • Built-in Voice Message Unit
  • SELCAL (optional)
  •  TSO certified
  • Intl. TEMPEST approved (optional)

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