AL-1200 Series - ORBIT Communication Systems.

AL-1200 Series

Smart Tracking System

Smart Tracking SystemAL-1200 series systems constitute a lightweight, self-contained elevation-over-azimuth tracking solution providing high performance under the most demanding operational conditions. This portable system may be ground-based or shipboard (with additional stabilization) and is ideal for short range applications such as UAS control and data link.
The antenna motion system is based on integrated, state-of-the-art, digital servo amplifiers (DSA) providing a simple RS-422 position control and readout interface.

The Auto-Track function is based on a high-performance E-scan type angle discriminating antenna feed. Supporting different types of antennas, slip rings and rotary joints the AL-1200 series systems can serve a wide range of pointing and tracking applications such as telemetry, UAS data links, optical monitoring and imaging, weather radar and more.

Dual Band Feed

ORBIT’s dual band feed provides a breakthrough solution for simultaneous operation in multiple telemetry communication frequency bands. This solution was developed to address the telemetry market’s growing adoption of C-band frequencies – in parallel to the widely used S band. Based on its concentric coaxial cavity technology, ORBIT offers a single feed supporting both S and S bands in 1.2m, 1.5, 1.8, 2.4 and 3m antenna aperture sizes. The S&C band feed uniquely addresses the needs of tactical forces and field telemetry operations for fast deployment and transportability.

Key Features

  • Parabolic reflector antenna
  • E-scan auto-track feed
  • Integrated LNAs & filters
  • EL over AZ axes configuration (optional stabilization)
  • Digital servo drive
  • Brushless motor and planetary gear assembly
  • High dynamics, high accuracy low backlash
  • Robust, reliable environmentally durable
  • Modular & easily maintainable