AL-4000 - ORBIT Communication Systems..


Indoor Tracking Controller

Indoor Tracking ControllerThe AL-4000 Antenna Control Unit (ACU) facilitates the operation and monitoring of tracking systems. It features dual-CPU architecture to ensure real-time response for mission-critical data acquisition, as well as a graphical touch interface that can be easily customized to support a wide range of tracking and telemetry applications. The ACU remotely interfaces over IP which makes it an ideal solution for mission and control centers.

Key Features

  • Dual-CPU architecture for real-time data acquisition
  • 15-inch touch-screen LCD (TFT) color display
  • Graphic, programmable scale, error cross-hair window and signal-strength bar displays
  • IP interface to local or remote control interface
  • Specialized tracking modes for geo-stationary satellites, low-orbit satellites and fast moving targets
  • Dynamic stabilization mode for operation on marine platforms
  • Reliable, non-volatile memory
  • Clock synchronization to external time reference
  • System control switches for pedestal power, antenna feed power, antenna selection, antenna polarization and more
  • Available also as replacement controller for non-ORBIT systems