AL-4016S - ORBIT Communication Systems


Digital Tracking Pedestal System

Digital Tracking Pedestal SystemThe AL-4016S is a highly accurate self-contained elevation over azimuth tracking solution that delivers high performance under the most demanding operational conditions. The AL-4016S may be ground-based, mobile, transportable or shipboard (with additional stabilization), which makes it suitable for a variety of applications.
The system can be modified to meet customers’ specific requirements based on ORBIT’s field proven building blocks. The system is easy to assemble and dismantle and includes comprehensive BIT (Built-In-Test) capabilities for the entire pedestal.

Key Features

  • Elevation Over Azimuth axes configuration (stabilization is optional)
  • Digital servo amplifier to control antenna motion
  • Highly dynamic with low backlash for highest accuracy
  • Brushless motor and planetary gear assembly
  • Modular & easily maintainable
  • Robust, reliable and environmentally durable