AL-4048D - ORBIT Communication Systems


Ultra-Capacity, Highly Accurate Tracking Positioner

The AL-4048D is a highly accurate, self-contained elevation over azimuth tracking positioner designed to support massive antennas (7.5 – 10 meters in diameter). Accordingly, it is well-equipped to meet the demanding requirements of applications such as longer range telemetry tests and tracking of very high resolution LEO (Low Earth Orbit) satellites. The AL-4048D is a ground-based tracking solution, and is transportable to fit diverse application needs.
The modular system can be modified to meet customers’ specific requirements based on ORBIT’s field-proven building blocks. The system is easy to assemble and dismantle and includes comprehensive BIT (Built-in-Test) capabilities for the entire pedestal.

Key Features

  • Elevation Over Azimuth axes configuration (stabilization is optional)
  • Four digital servo amplifiers to control antenna motion
  • Highly dynamic with zero backlash for highest accuracy
  • Brushless motor and planetary gear assembly
  • Modular & easily maintainable
  • Robust, reliable and environmentally durable