AL-7204 TVRO System - Orbit Communication Systems

AL-7204 TVRO System

Quad Ku-Band Maritime Stabilized TVRO System

AL-7204The AL-7204 TVRO Antenna is a 1.3m (51″) Maritime Satellite TV & Entertainment System used by private, commercial and military applications. The TVRO antenna has a modular design, linear or circular Ku-band, featuring multiple modem interfaces guaranteeing high performance and functionality with low maintenance demands. The AL-7204 Systems provides exceptional antenna to radome ratio: 1.3m (51″) antenna housed in a 1.52m (60″) radome, allowing for reception from a wide range of satellites and geographical zones. It is ideal for mid-sized vessels such as cargo & leisure ships, tankers, fishing boats, patrol & navy vessels and more.
Using ORBIT’s unique technology, the antenna is stabilized on 3 axes in order to maintain the boresight and polarization directed towards the selected satellite. This enables the antenna to receive signals from the C-Band & Ku-Band satellites.

Key Features:

  • Cost-effective
  • X/Y configuration, continuous azimuth rotation
  • High dynamic accuracy
  • User-friendly interface, high resolution LCD controller
  • LNB: Quad universal or Dual DBS/GLA
  • Built-In GPS
  • Global satellite coverage database
  • Proven reliability (MTBF)
  • Does not require a system balancing
  • Fast installation – dual control cable
  • Innovative technology
  • 140kg / 310lb
  • Optional: Remote access for monitoring and control