Gaia 100 - Orbit Communication Systems

Gaia™ 100

Rethinking Ground Stations for EO and New Space

Gaia 100By combining years of experience, an extensive installed base and lessons learned from the emerging New Space sector, Orbit is rethinking traditional ground stations – making them more compact and cost-effective – to address the dynamic needs of its EO and constellation customers. The company’s Gaia 100 family comprises cost-effective, high-performance terrestrial terminals for proven and reliable connectivity with LEO/MEO satellites.

Key Features

  • No “key hole”, for continuous tracking
  • Real 3-axis system – EL, Tilt and AZ – for greater availability and reliability
  • Built-in, step-track-based Advanced Control Loop, for superior performance
  • Innovative GaiaLink™ software, for ease of integration and operation
  • Radome covered, for anytime/anywhere operation
  • Short lead time
  • Multiple configurations (from L- to K-band) in a single platform
  • Mature product with multiple installations around the globe