Gaia 300 - Orbit Communication Systems

Gaia™ 300

Superior, high-gain satellite tracking performance

high gain satellite tracking performanceThe Gaia 300 Earth Observation series is designed to meet the high-gain requirements of LEO and MEO satellites. Supporting antennas ranging from 5.5-7.3 meters, these high-capacity ground stations are built to download data reliably from horizon to horizon even under cloudy sky conditions. They are commonly deployed for satellite owners, government agencies and large resellers.

Key Features

  • Incorporates ORBIT’s Advanced Control Loop™ algorithm to meet the rigorous accuracy requirements of Ka-band
  • Dual S/X auto-track feed that supports RHCP and LHCP polarization simultaneously
  • Elevation over Azimuth technology
  • Tilt correction eliminates keyhole at zenith
  • Single and dual band feeds designed for max G/T
  • Dual polarization RHCP/LHCP
  • Indoor/outdoor antenna controller for mission planning
  • Self-diagnostic system