NAIS - Orbit Communication Systems


Naval Audio Intercommunication Systems

Naval Audio Intercommunication SystemsORBIT’s Naval Audio Inter-Communication System (NAIS) is a highly intelligible, secure digital Audio Management System which is designed to meet the specific needs of advanced seaborne applications.

NAIS is a fully digital (audio and control), secure, audio management system that integrates the routing and distribution of audio and data between various crew members including maintenance personnel, technicians and the host vessel communication data and recording systems.

NAIS is a COTS (Commercial-Off-The-Shelf) system supporting up to 36 users, 16 radios, 31 receivers, 6 recording outputs, and discrete and internal intercom lines. NAIS is adaptable and expandable to any configuration requirement, having been tested and found suitable for unique environmental conditions of naval applications.

Based on modular, fully digital, high-performance, open architecture, NAIS is designed to enable reliable intercommunication, meeting all relevant standards.

Key Features:

  • Extended Built-In-Test (BIT) mode
  • Unlimited number of private intercom nets
  • VOX capability
  • Emergency & Backup modes
  • Individual volume control
  • Programmable audio input/output levels
  • Advanced illuminated front & panel
  • Wireless headset (optional)
  • VoIP interface (optional)
  • IP67 Tested


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