OceanTRx 7 Multiband - Orbit Communication Systems

OceanTRx™ 7 Multiband

Leader in Maritime Satcom

Orbit’s OceanTRx 7 2.2 m (7.2’) VSAT terminals now serve the majority of the world’s largest cruise ships, meeting the most demanding mission- and business-critical, data-hungry service requirements with unmatched availability. Based on its performance, reliability and success in the commercial sector, OceanTRx 7 has been tailored for service with a growing number of leading NATO and allied navies.

Electrically switchable C/Ka and Ku/Ka multiband terminals provide customers with unprecedented flexibility, enabling hybrid Geostationary Orbit (GSO) and MEO/LEO interoperability via high data-rate spot beams and ubiquitous global coverage. Orbit pioneered MEO maritime operations on the O3b constellation and can support next generation LEO services.


Key Features

  • Electrical switching between C/Ka bands and Ku/Ka bands
  • Highly efficient dual-offset Gregorian 2.2m (87”) antenna
  • Superior stabilization and tracking under severe sea conditions
  • Single-, dual- and triple-antenna architecture
  • Support for optional RF packages and BUC power levels
  • Accommodation of multiple BUCs per system for greater band-switching flexibility
  • Electronic Field Replaceable Units (FRUs) and software common to OceanTRx 4
  • Modular FRUs, for streamlined maintenance, common to the entire OceanTRx family
  • Delivery of the fully-assembled and tested unit in a 20-foot container
  • Simple installation using a single cable for below-deck connectivity
  • Advanced remote-monitoring, diagnostics and troubleshooting capabilities