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Ku/Ka-Band Train Stabilized VSAT Systems

Ku/Ka-Band Train Stabilized VSAT SystemsRailTRxTM is a field proven platform supporting a variety of stabilized train antenna system configurations in Ku and Ka bands. As a common platform, it is inherently designed to accommodate the current and future needs of the train market. With a track record of dozens of operational systems, RailTRx features outstanding RF performance, system availability and high immunity to environmental electromagnetic interferences.

As such, the system is an optimal solution for the evolving broadband communications needs of inter-city, regional and high speed trains.

RailTRx product line comprises two product series:

300 Series – Ku band support:

RailTRxTM 2-300 features a low profile high gain Ku-band antenna.

500 Series – Ka inherent support:
RailTRxTM 2-500 features a low profile high gain Ka-band antenna.
The 500 Series offers built-in Ka fully compatible design to ensure smooth
migration to future high-speed Ka services.

Key Features

  • High gain low profile antenna with superior EIRP & G/T
  • Specially designed for high speed trains
  • High immunity to environmental electromagnetic interference
  • Reinforced radome with high resistance
  • Simple installation & integration: Entire system is housed in one autonomous roof-top unit
  • Interoperability with large variety of modems and various BUC vendors
  • IP Interface with the modem (Ethernet via TCP/IP and SNMP protocol
  • Fully independent of the train, requiring only a 24V DC power supply, generated by the 72 (nominal) Volt DC Bus (50-90V)
  • Instantaneous reacquisition after RF signal blockage (tunnels, stations, etc.)

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