CASE STUDIES - ORBIT Communication Systems
Aerospace on ground

Aerospace Organization in Asia

A private Aerospace organization in Asia develops aircraft (rotor & fixed wing) including design, testing and integration. The aerospace organization sought for a reliable, high performance, accurate and cost effective aeronautical telemetry system for tracking aircraft during the test flight phase which can last several years before moving to operation phase. The company providing the aeronautical telemetry system had to have previous experience working with military and defense organizations, together with integration capabilities. ORBIT provided a 2.4m antenna system with dual band L&S capabilities. ORBIT's technical team assisted the customer with the integration and installation on site.

Space agency-eu

Space Agency in Europe

The European space agency designs rockets and space vehicles while providing launching facilities and services to scientific and space organizations worldwide. The agency was looking for a highly dynamic and accurate ground station to support fast acquisition and telemetry during rocket launch and flight phases. The system was also required to withstand very low temperatures. ORBIT's 5 meter telemetry system was installed on site - the results: a fast and accurate tracking system with zero data loss. Another project is Satellite Tracking. The space agency required a complete TT&C solution for transmitting & downloading data and monitoring their satellites. ORBIT's earth observation solution the Gaia-100 3.7m ground station incorporating s/x bands feed was the perfect solution for their requirements.

MORABA Rocket Launch TT&C in Europe

The Mobile Rocket Base (MORABA) is a department of the German Aerospace Center (DLR). Customer: Mobile Rocket Base (MORABA) is a department of the German Aerospace Center (DLR). The Challenge was to acquire ground stations to support fast acquisition and telemetry during rocket launch and flight phases. ORBIT Solution incorporated two Antenna’s to work in parallel: 1.5 meter antenna to ensure robust and fast tracking and a 5 meter antenna to switch from high to low servo band during telemetry phase. The results: fast tracking with backup to ensure zero data loss.

A Defense and Development Organisation in Asia

The customer is a development and management organization serving the armed forces projects and platforms in its country. The challenge was to fully equip the test center with new telemetry equipment capable of tracking missiles, UAVs and aircraft at various distances. Orbit's solution included four antenna systems: (1) 1.5m portable telemetry, (2) 5m field telemetry in a shelter, (3) 5.5m fixed telemetry with a radome, (4) 3m transportable shipboard telemetry along with a transportable control room in a shelter.

Mobile TT&C GS for GEO Satellites in Europe

A Space Technology division in a large European Gas company required a mobile system to be able to communicate with specific satellites and be able to track and control it from undefined locations. The Solution had to be mobile and easy to assemble in open field. ORBIT Solution included a 3.7meter Antenna with deicing technology, Trailer and 20F ISO Shelter with RF Chain equipment.

Naval Air Systems Command; Atlantic Test Range in America’s

The Atlantic Test Range was seeking to migrate all of its tracking and telemetry antenna systems to C-band as the commercial cellular planned to purchase the L and S bands. The Navy was obligated to migrate to a new frequency band and they required an antenna system that can work both with L, S and C-bands simultaneously using one feed. ORBIT's Solution incorporated a 3 meter telemetry antenna system with one feed for all three Bands; L, S & C – ORBIT patent: Triband Feed. The system was integrated on the customer’s trailer.

National Flight Test Centre in Asia

One of the National Flight Centers in Asia was looking for a turnkey telemetry solution for their facilities. Their requirement was to equip all of its tracking and telemetry test systems and have a fully operational transportable control room to monitor the test flights closely ORBIT provided a complete turnkey solution incorporated of four antennas: 3m,1.8m, two 1.2m and an Omni antenna set. And, an equipped 6 Racks control room with: 6 telemetry receivers, 12 Multicoupler, RF test equipment, Video system and filters.