CASE STUDIES - ORBIT Communication Systems

National Flight Test Centre in Asia

One of the National Flight Centers in Asia was looking for a turnkey telemetry solution for their facilities. Their requirement was to equip all of its tracking and telemetry test systems and have a fully operational transportable control room to monitor the test flights closely ORBIT provided a complete turnkey solution incorporated of four antennas: 3m,1.8m, two 1.2m and an Omni antenna set. And, an equipped 6 Racks control room with: 6 telemetry receivers, 12 Multicoupler, RF test equipment, Video system and filters.

A large Navy and Coast Guard in Asia

The Asian Navy was looking to provide high-speed network connectivity to all its fleet incorporating: internet, voice, data, fax & video and TV reception onboard all their ships. Total of 150 ships. ORBIT’s VSAT antenna systems were selected after a long testing and live evaluation processes including Sea Trial. ORBIT delivered 150 SatCom antenna systems within one year. The systems were installed on all Navy and Coast Guard ships with the assistance of ORBIT’s Technical team. ORBIT still provides maintenance and onsite support to the Navy.

Ministry of Defense – Navy in Europe

The European Ministry of Defense wanted welfare, satellite TV entertainment systems and 7 x 24 support to all of its combat vessels and Royal Fleet Auxiliary. ORBIT provided 58 SatCom TVRO systems of various sizes with associated support contract, comprising extended warranty and SLA. Currently the service is migrating to pay-as-you-go service. Additionally the Navy is looking to implement ORBIT TVRO SatCom systems on new 13 x Type 26 Class vessels and QEII carriers.


ImageSat International – Remote sensing project in Africa

ImageSat International, a global provider of advanced, integrated, remote sensing based solutions; was looking for advanced satellite tracking antenna to download high resolution imagery from its EROS-A and EROS-B satellites. The antenna solution required to withstand challenging weather conditions of high temperature (40°c). The enclosed picture of ORBIT's 3.7m x-band remote sensing antenna is taken from the installation in Africa.

A Space Research Company – Remote sensing project in Americas

A Space research company in America was looking for an earth observation / remote sensing solution for tracking, transmitting and downloading data from LEO satellites. The solution had to be highly accurate and yet cost-effective compared to other earth observation solutions in the market. ORBIT provided a 3.7m Gaia-100 tracking antenna based on a high-gain, dual band S&X feed design, allowing bi-directional communication with the LEO satellites. The Gaia-100 was installed on the roof of company's building.

SpaceX (Space Exploration Technology) Americas

A Leading American space transport company chose ORBIT to supply a system to track spacecraft during launch and in orbit. SpaceX required a highly dynamic tracking system with stability to enable operation from small ships and can operate under salty and humid environment for years. The solution had to meet a defined budget frame, delivered within tight schedule and pre-tested. Additionally, SpaceX required onsite support during installation and initial launch. ORBIT’s provided a 1.8m dish size based on S-band high G/T RF feed with fast tracking system with less than 0.03° error, capable of accurate tracking of spacecraft during launch, a Nitrogen gas pressurized feed cover and sealed pedestal to withstand salt and humid atmosphere. The tracking system interfaced with GPS-COMPASS and IMU to compensate for the instability of small shipboard operation. Additionally, we customized the GUI to interface with customer’s management and control system. The Delivery was within two and a half months from the order. ORBIT’s engineer supported the installation, spending two weeks with customer on ship until launch completion

Pertrobras Brazil

The Biggest Brazilian Cooperation, a Semi Governmental company, founded in 1953. The company specializes in exploration, production, refining, trading, and transportation of petroleum and its byproducts, in and out of Brazil. Petrobras was looking to install advanced satellite communication systems on all vessels working under the Petrobras umbrella. The required services include Always-on high-speed Internet, Star topology corporate applications, Native Voice (Emergency channel), and other tailor made appllications. ORBIT provided more than 200 VSAT Antenna Systems installed onboard Petrobras' vessels and on its partners vessels. ORBIT continues to support the operation via local integrators.