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Orbit Communication Systems: Celebrating Three Decades of Innovation, Growth and Success

July 19, 2022

As we celebrate this exciting 30-year milestone, Orbit Communication Systems Ltd. would like to thank its customers, partners and employees for their support, confidence and hard work over the years.

Orbit is recognized as a pioneer and leading innovator in mobile satellite communications. Over the past three decades, Orbit has built a tradition of excellence in providing cutting-edge satellite-based broadband communications antenna systems for a variety of customers and platforms. Our unquestionable dedication to constant innovation and value places our customers at the forefront of the dynamic satellite communications industry.

This pioneering spirit, which sets Orbit apart from its competitors, remains strong and continues to be an essential factor in the company’s steady growth and longevity.

We are proud of the fact that our satellite communications antenna systems are being used to bring superb and efficient broadband connectivity to different user types around the world. Through our partnerships with global communications companies, OEMs and integrators, Orbit is helping to save operational costs by means of fuel drag savings, better utilization of the satellite space segment, minimal number of Line Replaceable Units (LRUs) and forward looking systems which can be used with current and future satellites. 

Our diverse portfolio of comprehensive satellite communications solutions supports multiple markets and platforms including business jets, multi-mission / ISR aircraft, rotary wing and Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems (RPAS). We offer a terminal integration services, Supplementary Type Certificate (STC) support, Parts Manufacturer Approval (PMA), FAA Repair Station, Satellite Operators approved test range and more.

While Orbit’s product offerings have evolved over the years to address the world’s changing communication needs and performance demands, one thing has stayed the same – the relentless determination of our team to do whatever it takes to keep our customers at the forefront of their industries.

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