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Orbit Communication Systems Announces AirTRx-30 Business Aviation Terminal Upgrade for Seamless Access to Full Viasat Ka-band Network

Customers will benefit from the enhanced inflight broadband capabilities delivered by Viasat’s full Ka-band network, including the high-powered ViaSat-3 and Global Xpress satellites.
October 23, 2023

NBAA, October 17-19, Las Vegas, booth #7825
October 16  2023 Orbit Communications Systems Inc, a leading global provider of airborne and maritime SATCOM terminals, tracking ground station solutions, and mission-critical airborne audio management systems, announced today a cooperation with Viasat, which will add enhanced connectivity capabilities to its AirTRx-30 business aviation terminal.
Currently in its final development stage, the Orbit AirTRx-30 terminal commences over-the-air testing from later this month. It will initially support Viasat’s existing and future Global Xpress (GX) satellites, with qualification and type certification on track to start shipping terminals from Q1/2024.
A simple upgrade program will also be made available, enabling customers who have already installed the AirTRX-30 terminal to access the high-powered ViaSat-3 satellites, in addition to the GX satellites. By unlocking the full power of Viasat’s Ka-band network, including its redundancy, resiliency and seamless global coverage wherever aircraft fly, business aviation passengers and crew will benefit from ‘everywhere, all-the-time’ access to in-flight connectivity.
The system can be installed on a range of business jets – from super midsize to large cabin jets – using industry-standard installation processes and procedures. With only two line-replaceable units (LRUs), the terminal’s installation, servicing and upgrades are straightforward, reducing the cost and weight of the installation kits themselves.
Dany Eshchar, CEO of Orbit Communications Systems, said:
“Orbit is proud to continue its cooperation with Viasat, bringing enhanced SATCOM capabilities to business jets. The new integrated solution gives customers a market-leading, future-proof approach, with long-term support provided by the dedicated Viasat and Orbit teams. Orbit’s airborne systems are already installed, flying and proven, by customers across the globe. This new solution is part of a multi-phased approach by Viasat and Orbit for the integration of their respective technologies, serving both the short-term and long-term needs of highly-demanding business aviation users worldwide.”

Kai Tang, Viasat’s Head of Business Aviation, said:
“Viasat’s recent acquisition of Inmarsat has created exciting new opportunities to redefine fast, consistent and reliable in-flight broadband. Our partner ecosystem will play an important role in unlocking enhanced capabilities and we are delighted that business aviation customers will have access to our complete Ka-band network, comprising of the Viasat-3 and GX satellites, through a simple upgrade to Orbit’s AirTRx-30 terminal, without needing to change any aircraft wiring or interfaces. Such  innovation will ensure we remain one step ahead of growing expectations around seamless onboard connectivity, from take-off to landing, even over the world’s busiest flight corridors.”
Currently undergoing qualification and type certification, the AirtTRx-30 complies with industry standards, including RTCA DO-160G, Federal Communications Commission (FCC) and European Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI).

Customers who purchase and install the AirtTRx-30 will be able to take advantage of Viasat’s GX satellites as soon as the terminal enters commercial service in 2024 and it will be forward compatible with future GX satellites too. In 2025, a trade-in program will also be launched for the exchange of LRUs for ViaSat-3 capability, at a nominal cost, without the need for any changes to aircraft wiring or interfaces.

About Orbit communication Systems:

Orbit Communication Systems Inc. – a leading global provider of airborne communications, satellite-tracking maritime and ground-station solutions – is helping to expand and redefine how we connect. The company’s systems can be found on airliners, jet fighters, cruise ships and navy vessels, ground stations and offshore platforms. We deliver innovative, cost-effective, and highly reliable solutions to commercial operators, major air forces and navies, space agencies and emerging NewSpace companies. 

Orbit is a public company, traded on the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange under the control of the FIMI Investment Fund. The company’s operations – production, marketing, sales and customer service – are spread globally, including a presence in the US, Europe and the Far East. 
For more information on Orbit, please visit https://orbit-cs.com/ or  https://www.linkedin.com/company/orbit-communication-systems-ltd/

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