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Orbit Launches the NetShroud+ solution – New Cyber Security Capability for its Gaia100 Earth Observation systems

The integrated terminals will operate over Viasat’s Ka-band networks, as well as the current and future Global Xpress (GX) satellites.
August 03, 2023

Small Sat, Logan, Utah, Aug 7-9, Stand 222
August 03, 2023 Orbit Communications Systems Inc, a leading global provider of maritime and airborne SATCOM terminals, tracking ground station solutions and mission-critical airborne audio management systems, is proud to announce a major advancement in cybersecurity with the introduction of NetShroud+ for its Gaia100 Earth Observation systems.
The Gaia100, an advanced tri-band Earth Observation (EO) antenna system, already excels in tracking Earth Observation satellites at S, X and Ka-band frequencies. With the addition of NetShroud+, a comprehensive array of advanced cyber security features, the Gaia100 makes significant progress in ensuring the utmost safety and integrity of the EO ground station infrastructure.
The NetShroud+ solution protects the remotely located ground stations from potential local or remote cyber-attacks in order to guarantee that the antenna will point to the LEO satellite under all possible conditions.
NetShroud+ shields the systems invisibly to attacks, providing an impregnable shield against identity theft and unauthorized access attempts to the antenna control unit. The robust implementation of White-Box Cryptography guarantees superior encryption, even in the face of adversaries with complete knowledge and control over the system. With a latency of fewer than four nanoseconds, NetShroud+ ensures ultra-low latency encryption with throughput ranging from 1Gbit to 100Gbit per second, safeguarding the data in transit efficiently. The integration of White/Black List Filtering, Zero Trust Micro-segmentation, and deep packet inspection (DPI) and prevention (DPP) capabilities grants granular control over network traffic and deep visibility into data packets. At the same time, DPP actively identifies and thwarts potential threats, safeguarding your Earth Observation ground station and access to the Gaia100 antenna control unit management.
Leveraging the power of Artificial Neural Networks (ANNs) and Artificial Intelligence (AI), NetShroud+ detects anomalies and zero-day attacks in real-time, providing advanced protection against a wide range of cyber threats. Additionally, NetShroud+ offers robust protection against ransomware, safeguarding your systems from previously unknown vulnerabilities and malicious data encryption.
The NetShroud+ can be added as an option to the Gaia100 Earth Observation ground station, introducing a combined solution under the brand name of Gaia100+.
Daniel Eshchar, CEO of Orbit, expressed his pride in providing innovative solutions that meet the evolving market demands. “The cyber security threats are becoming more and more common, and we are already responding to the future market needs. With this groundbreaking addition, the Gaia100 system now provides a comprehensive and secure solution guaranteeing the ground station durability to cyber threats, catering to the growing demands of EO and Ground Station Antenna as a Service (GSaaS) operators.”

About the Gaia100 system:

Gaia100 is a series of terrestrial tracking systems for LEO (Low Earth Orbit) and MEO (Medium Earth Orbit) satellites, with antenna sizes of 2.4 – 5.5 meters.
The series is part of the Gaia product line including Earth observation tracking solutions with antenna diameters of up to 11 meters.
The Gaia100 tracking systems operate under a radome. They are characterized by high RF and accurate tracking performance, with the ability to operate in changing weather conditions, anywhere and at any time, with efficient power consumption and minimal maintenance. These features provide advantages in operation at non-residential sites.

About Orbit communication Systems:

Orbit Communication Systems Inc. a leading global provider of airborne communications and satellite-tracking maritime and ground-station solutions, is helping to expand and redefine how we connect. Orbit systems can be found on airliners, jet fighters, cruise ships and navy vessels, ground stations and offshore platforms. We deliver innovative, cost-effective, and highly reliable solutions to commercial operators, major air forces and navies, space agencies and emerging New Space companies. 

Orbit is a public company traded on the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange under the control of the Fimi Investment Fund. The company’s operations are spread globally, with production, marketing, sales and customer service, including a presence in the US, Europe and the Far East. 
For more information on Orbit, please visit https://orbit-cs.com/ or  https://www.linkedin.com/company/orbit-communication-systems-ltd/

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